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Joomla vs. Wordpress: Why & Why not?


Today, two of the most popular content management system available is Joomla and Wordpress. Which is better? Which is more reliable? Which one should you use? I am sure most of you who are starting their websites have the same question in mind so let me help you decide which one should you use to start  your own website.

Joomla which means all together or as a whole came from the Swahili word “Jumla”. It was previously called Mambo Open Source or MOS and it was first released August 2005. Joomla uses objective oriented programming techniques and software design configurations. Joomla stores data in MYSQL and uses Gantry and Warp Framework  - HTML5 and CSS3. The latest version of Joomla released last July 2016 which is version 3.6  now contains subform field, show all menu and improved UX. To date Joomla has more than 50 million copies downloaded. Joomla website has a record of  2TB of traffic per month.

Wordpress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and was officially released May 2003. Its roots and development go all the way back 2001 when Michael Vaildrighi launched the b2Cafelog which was the predecessor of Wordpress.  Currently on its 13th year, Wordpress continuously improves its services, now on version 4.5 called Coleman that supports emoji characters and switched its database from utf8 encoding to utf8mb4 for those engaging millennial. More than a decade after its launch Wordpress now holds 48 percent of the top 100 blogs all over the world. Translated in 40 different languages Wordpress welcomes 126 Million unique visitors everyday which is surprisingly more than  Amazon’s unique visitors which is 96 Million daily. the free site has been downloaded 40 million times and records 20,000 new posts daily. If these numbers don’t impress you I don’t know what to say. 

Given those numbers what would make you choose Wordpress over Joomla and vice versa? I must say both have very impressive numbers but these numbers is immaterial if it will not benefit your line of business. So, first you must qualify your site needs to determine which content management system is perfect for you. Let me help you choose by discussing the benefits of the two systems.

Here are the top  benefits of Joomla:

It’s FREE – for starters this is the most basic benefit of Joomla, anyone starting a website free software is a major plus. Joomla does not offer hosting services though unlike Wordpress.

It’s NOT that Technical – For those of you who are non tech savvy you can now run a website…no a great website without having to learn those web developers’ tools. 

Social Networking – Another great benefit of Joomla is creating social networks of all three options. We all know that the secret of every powerful website is there social networking sites, and with the benefit of Joomla, you can do this in an instant.

Commerce Sites – if there is one great benefit of Joomla is that making it easier for those eCommerce shop owners to set up an online store quickly and worry free.
Help Portal – There great help portal is always ready to answer question quickly and support your technical inquiries.

Users of Joomla are proud to enjoy the benefits of Joomla website that is user –friendly and intuitive like Wordpress. The combined power and flexibility of the site makes a Joomla website be an all in one website.

Here are the top benefits of Wordpress

Free of charge– For newbies or starters cost is one of the major factor to consider in building a website, and a major benefit of Wordpress is it’s FREE. It’s perfect for those who are just starting to build their site because it’s absolutely free (no strings attached) with thousands of free plug-ins and great themes to choose from. 

Hassle free Installation – How about your own website in five minutes?! Yes you read it right this benefit of Wordpress  gave them at least 76 million bloggers all over the world and still adding up every minute.

Customizable – One of distinguished benefit of WordPress is that they have more plug-ins, lavish themes and other customizations free than any other content management systems. Due to its vast popularity, more third-party web designers and web developers creates inexpensive or relatively free new WordPress tools to help you start a blog that looks like an expensive customized website 

Community Support  –  Newbie? No problem, with millions of Wordpress users zero knowledge on building a website or starting a blog can just ask help and support in their help forum. Another vital benefit of Wordpress is their friendly and helpful contributors that will answer any question that you have and guide you in making an awesome website. 

I think given the statistics and benefits of each system we can all say that for beginners Wordpress is probably the most suitable platform to build a website.Both Wordpress and Joomla will claim that their content management system is the best.Well in most cases they really are the top in their field. But to each is his own, your needs and requirements will require different capabilities, which highly makes one of these two content management system options the perfect fit. For simple yet elegant start up business website or blog you must choose no other than Wordpress. When you need something extraordinary like and eCommerce or a social networking site Joomla wins.

Given the brief background and the top benefits of each CMS it will now be easier for you to answer the question Why or Why not Joomla and Why or Why not Wordpress.

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