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Online marketing is the system of controlling internet based channels to promote information about an industry or company, the products they make and services they offer to their prospective customers. Online marketing is also defined as the methods available to a business to sell, endorse and advertise their items, services or brand on the internet. Online marketing, known also as online advertising or digital marketing aims to make any company or institution visible online. The types of online marketing may differ in forms but its main focus is to establish a company’s name by growing its chances to be discovered online.

There are several ways of online marketing that you can use to make your company visible online. Here are some of the basic types for those who want to start creating their name online:

  1. Build a virtual home - WEBSITE

The website is your home base for all your online marketing works. A website is a place where you can share all the information your customers need to know about your company, your items and services. This is also the place where your customers can easily interact with you online if they are interested in any of the products or services that you offer. And, when the content of your website is optimized for search, they can help other users find you online.

  1. Know your target audience – SOCIAL MEDIA

The success of any business lies in its customers. If you know your target audience it would be easy for you to do our online marketing by choosing the right social media network. Each social media network performs differently so knowing your audience is important for your online marketing. This will be great way to reach them in the language that they understand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are among the familiar social media sites that are currently being used now.

  1. The key is - BRANDING

Branding is an online marketing strategy that includes forming a distinguished name and image usually a logo or image and a tag line in order to create a presence in the clients mind and attract users. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies in online marketing.

  1. Tell your audience a story – BLOGGING

This online marketing strategy is also called content marketing. In blogging you build a relationship with your existing and future clients. This online marketing generates more traffic; more leads, and builds company awareness. Publish a remarkable and significant content on a regular basis and see the results in no time.

  1. Send letters to your clients – EMAIL MARKETING

Email marketing is said to be one of the strongest marketing channels. An email marketing strategy is part of your overall online marketing strategy. It helps you sell your products and services by using an email channel with the highest possible chance of producing a sale and reaching your goals. An effective email marketing strategy takes into account its target clients, their language, requirements and benefits they are looking for as well as your products services and industry and which email marketing messages are most effective.

  1. SKYSCRAPER – Banner ads

Banner ads is a graphical form of web advertisement where companies usually promote their products and services using attractive images i.e. company logo, taglines, branding, etc. It is usually rectangular in size placed in top, bottom or sides of a website. It is one of the leading forms of online marketing where a host website is being paid to promote traffic to the advertiser’s website.

  1. Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the result of an online marketing strategy that makes use of highly converting keywords that a specific audience is searching on. SEO is also defined as the activity that aims to improve search standings. SEO is considered

as an important ingredient in any website, it is cheaper with higher chances of creating profit. SEO not only promotes your company or sell you products it also initiates engagement to prospective clients.

  1. Like and Share – Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is another form of online marketing strategy that focuses on social media websites. It has become the latest trend in online marketing because it is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Social media advertising has made it easier for companies to market their products and services in the convenience of like and share. It produces more traffic to your website without much cost.

  1. Google, Yahoo, Bing – Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM is an online marketing strategy using paid advertisements that show on pages of search engines. Companies using this bid on keywords that patrons of services like Google, Yahoo and Bing may enter when looking for certain items or services, which gives the companies a chance for their advertisements to show together with the results of those keyword searches.

This is one of the most effective ways to expand your business in a highly competitive marketplace. The infinite number of businesses out there all competing for the same target, it is a must to advertise online, and search engine marketing is the most effective way to endorse your products and develop your business.

Online marketing gives you the opportunity to promote your business even in the comforts of your own home. It gives everyone a chance to promote their products and services regardless if your company is new or old. Online Marketing helps you make use of proven tactics and methods that draw not necessarily more traffic but highly directed traffic that brings results. Hiring the right kind of people that delivers the right kind of results is what Online Marketing is all about - confirming survival for your business. It is not an easy task but it’s not impossible.

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